Each card is designed with inspirational writings by Sharon Bradshaw that captures the beauty, love, strength and often times the complexities of the human spirit. There are 21 designs to choose from and as we continue to expand and grow, Halienís collection of non-seasonal cards (whether in blank or written format) will continue to depict sacred and profound writings that uplift the human spirit, captures the imagination, empower us to rise to the challenges of life, but most importantly to be the best we can be in the hurdles of life no matter the situation. It is through the Agape love that Halien cards have been given and in turn they are here for you to have and share with others. We have also included in Halienís collection high-end limited edition posters that have been requested by buyers who wish to have them in their homes, office space for daily enjoyment. You can request a particular card to be done in a poster format of your choice.

It is Halienís hope that you enjoy sharing our cards and our posters with loved ones as much as we have enjoyed writing and creating them for you. Please continue to refer Halien to your friends, relatives and associates as the first place to shop for spiritual cards that make a difference in our lives.

Thank you for visiting our website and for making Halien a part of your way of living.